When you think of airbrush, you usually think of t-shirts and motorcycles but the airbrush is so much more. A high precision tool, the airbrush, in the hands of an expert can create spectactular artwork and produce effects not possible with other art tools. It allows me more precise control of shading and blending and yet, at the same time a free-flowing feel. Whether it is cleanly graduated skintones, colorful blends on the petals of a flower and a really great flame job on a 1968 Camaro, the airbrush is an amazing piece of engineering. 


Combining my love of  the night sky with the airbrush also helps convey the wonders of the cosmos and the beauty of Earthbound nature. Literally thinking outside the frame, my use of frameless multiple levels allows me to achieve a stylized 3-dimensional effect.  The next time you look up at the stars, think not of its vastness but its closeness to everything on Earth.


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